My Jogging Clarks

There was a time when Clarks Shoes were considered your Grandma’s shoes.  How times have changed!  Don’t get me wrong, the classic Clarks of days gone by are still very much available.  It is just that they have a growing collection of contemporary looks, that still provide the comfort and quality we’ve come to expect from the Clarks name while still allowing my fetish for great shoes to be fed.

As a person, that can spend a lot of time on their feet at work events I have coined a few pairs of my Clarks heels as my “jogging clarks”!  I can walk or stand in them for hours with no ill effects to my feet or the rest of my body.  Someone deserves and award for that.  As a bonus, Clarks are available in a great size range and various widths as well.

I’ve got my eyes on two pairs of Clarks right now.   The Crumble Cream in Natural Snake can go with jeans or a skirt…add a pop of fun to any outfit.  Plus, the Dalhart Sorbet in Grey Shingle is great neutral shoe that will be perfect for work, but also with enough detail and style for a night out.

I had better make some space on my shoe racks.

Clarks Crumble Cream

Crumble Cream

Clarks Dalhart Sorbet

Dalhart Sorbet


Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion

The Maritimes have brought many great things to Canada – Anne of Green Gables, Anne Murray, incredible scenery, sociable people, Matt Mays…. and now we can add another thing to that list.  Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion.

Nova Scotia Fisherman Lotion

Gifted to me by my best friend Keri just in the nick of time to save my winter dry as a bone skin.  It is the lotion that keeps on giving!  It goes on smooth, but not greasy, is all natural and really has made a difference for my skin.  I swear I can actually see it absorbed by my skin as I put it on.  It must be that Nova Scotia Sea Kelp.  Not to mention it’s vegan, never tested on animals and paraben free!

Nova Scotia Fisherman doesn’t stop at great ingredients, a portion of every sale benefits the Nature Conservancy of Canada.