Jennifer Derbyshire Devlin


Marketer.  Ironman.  Fashion, Music & Dog Lover.  Well, at least that’s what my Twitter profile says.   Welcome to Now & Jen!

Now & Jen is my personal lifestyle blog started out of necessity (aka a BCIT Marketing Course), but in reality is something I have been considering doing for a long time.   My friends and I spend a lot of time sending each other clothes we want to buy, our latest skin care test case, the renos we are working on, what race we are training for and healthy recipe ideas.  So, what you will see on Now & Jen is essentially the e-mails I would send my friends Keri & Laura or my sister Erin on any random day.

I have often been told I missed my true career calling of being a personal shopper, so I’m hoping Now & Jen will prove to channel that skill set into something tangible and entertaining.



Clothes, Clothes & More Clothes
Crock Pots
Crown Royal
Matt Mays
My Dog Devlin


Bad Drivers
Cut out shoulder tops (wasn’t even into this in the 90s)
Designer puns on T-shirts
Mullet Skirts
Music Snobs
Over sharing on Facebook
Home decorating with only the colour white



Favourite Animal: Dog.  Specifically My Dog.  Devlin.  She’s rad.
Go-to snack: Coffee.  Wait, that isn’t food.
Favorite movie: Bridesmaids.  I want to hang out with Kristin Wiig and Maya Rudolph.
Favourite song: It’s always changing, but right now Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.
Non-Blog Hobby: Exercise.  6 days a week….it keeps me sane.
Top 5 List: Matt Mays, Jim Cuddy, Adam Scott, Graeme Mcdowell and currently auditioning for the last position.



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