Horsing Around

Vancouver based Shereen de Rousseau is one of my all time favourite jewellery designers.  While her work are definitely “investment” pieces for me I have found that I wear them over and over and they still look as great as the day I brought them home.  Not to mention how many comment I get about them when out and about.

The next piece on my hit list is Shereen’s Moonstone and labradorite bead necklace hand tied on silk with sterling charms featuring a horse shoe and horse head.  Those who know me know if you add an animal to anything I am sold.


You can pick this exact piece up on the Shereen de Rousseau website or visit my style gurus at Twist Fashions on West 4th who introduced Sheeren to my Visa and myself in the first place.  They carry a wide array of Shereen’s line and will always have the perfect outfit to go with it as well.


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