Wendy’s Look Book

Long before I started this blog, I was an avid follower of a number of Lifestyle and Fashion Blogs on-line.  Now that I am blogging myself, I am looking to these bloggers for inspiration   One of my all time favourites is Wendy’s Lookbook.  Wendy Nguyen started on Youtube, branched into blogging from there, quit her business banking job and has since become on of the most sought after fashion bloggers.  Wendy has 334,000 Facebook likes, 582,000 Youtube followers and 45,000 Twitter followers to give you an idea of her popularity.  Wendy has turned her passion into a career!

I stumbled across Wendy’s Lookbook when trying to find a new way to tie my scarf.  Wendy’s 25 Ways To Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes went viral and garnered over 25 million views on Youtube.  Even more fascinating than the video, is the backgrounder on her blog which details all of the work that went into making the video – three days of storyboarding, 8 hours of filming and many hours of editing.

Wendy’s Lookbook features beautifully shot pictures and videos, which are often practical and easy to replicate looks, links as to where to buy each item and quite a few advertisers.  There is a lot that I can learn from Wendy as I head down this blogging path!

Forbes recently covered Wendy during New York Fashion week in their article Going Viral: How Wendy Nguyen Of Wendy’s Lookbook Got 25 Million View On One Youtube Video.  They caught up with Wendy at New York Fashion Week to learn more about her blog.  You know when a business publication wants to cover you that your blog has gone big time!

So, for my first video blog I thought take some inspiration from Wendy’s viral video and show you 5 Ways To Wear A Scarf in 1 Minute.  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Wendy’s Look Book

  1. Great ideas! Funnily enough, I am from Switzerland and my go-to is the European loop, though I only just found now that it is called that 🙂 I’ll give the magic trick a try next!


  2. Love it! I’ve shared Wendy’s 25 ways many times on FB and consult it regularly. The Magic Trick is the one I use most often. On a mission to work through all 25 of Wendy’s, but I’ll start with your 5!


  3. Jen, This was great timing for me to read this post. I was just trying to figure out how to wear my scarves differently. Thank you for teaching me some new ways. I have never heard of “Wendy’s Look Book”, but you have me intrigued to learn more about it.


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