Baby Your Lips

A while ago I had to ban myself from buying Lip Balm and Lip Gloss.  My lip product purchase habit was getting so ridiculous friends were recommending a 12 step program to overcome it.   So, it is killing to to write this post and not be able to take advantage of this myself.

Maybelline Baby Lips are a staple in my purse.  While, I can’t say they do everything they claim to do e.g. visibly reborn lips in 4 weeks.  I can say that my lips are softer, more hydrated, it lasts a long time and the SPF 20 in the formula is a major bonus.  There is a serious plethora of colours too including six shades of the original blend, with Crystal  & Dr Rescue, the medicated options, now available.

Baby Lips Maybelline

BONUS – Rexall has these on sale this week for $2.99.  So get on down there before the weather changes and get ready for winter.  No one wants chapped lips.  Seriously, no one.  While you are there get a few for me.  My self imposed ban goes till the New Year.


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