Nordstrom’s Instagram Is Hard On My Visa

There is many, many reason why I love Nordstrom. Their in-store shopping experience, their on-line shopping experience, their customer focused return policy, don’t even get me started on their sales…I could go on and on.

My new favourite thing about Nordstrom is their Instagram account. The account is regularly updated, features great photography of Nordstrom stock, includes product details including brand names and is monitored by a team of staff who reply in a very timely fashion. Now, as marketer, I appreciate it even more. They have found a way to link Instagram with the on-line purchase decisions of their followers.

Nordstrom recently announced that it would be the first retailer to launch the Like2Buy platform.

Like2Buy let’s Nordstrom Instagram followers click on product image and then purchase it immediately from their corporate website. While, many of the visual social media platforms have been heading in this direction, it is no surprise that Nordstrom is ahead of the retailer pack in launching a program such as this.   Check out the like2buy link right on their Instagram profile page.

Nordstrom Instagram

With over 575,000 Instagram followers providing a more seamless shopping experience fits right in with Nordstrom’s brand positioning and customer centric culture.

There is nothing more annoying seeing something on Instagram that you need to have in your life, most recently for me a Bailey 44 jacket, and not being able to find a place to buy it. Nordstrom has solved that problem and now my Visa is paying for it.


One thought on “Nordstrom’s Instagram Is Hard On My Visa

  1. Sad but true. I think 50% of the people I follow on Instagram are businesses of some sort. While Nordstrom’s is not one, many of them are local and they have links to their websites. One of them is Vonbon. They feature baby leggings…but they always have them grouped with freshly picked moc’s so I end up visiting multiple vendors and an intent to buy a pair of leggings ends up being leggings and $65 baby shoes. Particularly when freshly picked has an exclusive colour, they are sold out in minutes. Instagram keeps me dialed in. Love your blog…this is something I would follow in real life.


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